Our History

In 1977, nine Covington women met to form a service organization dedicated to promoting voluntarism, helping women achieve their potential, and improving their community. In 1999 the Junior Service League of Covington became affiliated with the Association of Junior Leagues International, made up of 296 Junior Leagues throughout the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Mexico. Today the Junior League of Greater Covington (JLGC) is 121 members and 140 sustainers strong, and we are continuing to grow and touch lives in our community. Ours is a powerful history of well-researched, valuable service to our community. Many of our area’s most effective and enduring organizations were originated and/or nurtured by the JLGC, including the Youth Service Bureau, Baby Think It Over, PRIDE Puppeteers, Meals on Wheels, and Covington Head Start.

Our founders:

Cathy Burns
Joanne Champagne
Mimi Curran
Sue Ellen Fey
Patricia Gordon
Martha Green
Nan Nelson
Mary Shoup
Judy Wolf

Thank you to the below women who have served as President!

1977 Martha Green
1978 Judy Wolf
1979 Blanche McCloskey
1980 Mary Shoup
1981 Joanne Osterholt
1982 Nancy Baldwin
1983 Clara Muller
1984 Cynthia Toomey
1985 Patti Greene
1986 Ann Forster
1987 Patti Smith
1988 Suzanne Motion
1989 Marsha Brown
1990 Patsy Bonneau
1991 Karen Courtney
1992 Sherrie Buras
1993 Debra Patrick
1994 Melanie Tanner
1995 Jane Ellis
1996 Celia Bezou
1997 Allison Penzato
1998 Millie Ryan
1999 Donna Paciera
2000 Dorothy Noriea
2001 Kim Balducci
2002 Phoebe Whealdon
2003 Lisa Barnett
2004 Leslie Martin
2005 Rebecca Dougherty
2006 Any Moreau/Pam Egan
2007 Pamela Egan
2008 Ginny Crow
2009 Leigh Anne Wall
2010 Sheri Lemmond
2011 Karen A. Capps
2012 Cindy Petry
2013 Tina Taylor Abbey
2014 Sheila Dugger
2015 Patrice Oppenheim
2016 Molly Burns
2017  Cyndi Bellina
2018 Michelle Mayne Davis
2019 Kayla Tolar
2020 Shelley Winstead
2021 Laney Robein
2022 Amy Puerto