Little Black Dress Initiative

Poverty can look like many things. It doesn’t always look like dirty or torn clothes. Sometimes, poverty can look like the same professional dress every day. This initiative was launched by the Junior League of London in 2004. Participants wear one LBD for five consecutive days and are encouraged to harness the power of their social media platforms to drive online donations. Our JLGC members wore the same black dress every day for a week with different accessories to show the resourcefulness, creativity, and fortitude of women struggling with poverty.

The LBDI recognizes that a person’s financial situation plays a critical role in every aspect of their life, including limiting the scope of their ability to dress themselves for job interviews or employment. In recognition of the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, confidence, and opportunities, we support the LBDI.

JLGC members wore the same black dress every day May 6- 10, 2019 to start a conversation on poverty here in St. Tammany Parish and across the globe. Money raised from this annual project benefits the United Way’s ALICE project.